Basic PC Proficiency/ Troubleshooting Course

Basic PC Proficiency/ Troubleshooting Course

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Oct 13 - Nov 10

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
4 classes
No class:  11/3

Join this series of classes to learn and be comfortable using a PC. We will learn to efficiently use common programs (e.g. using the internet, email, various other programs); as well as troubleshoot the most common PC issues that regular users run into every day, and at least be able to identify and isolate the source of these issues. We will focus mainly on using software, but will also cover some hardware(physical) troubleshooting that everyone should have basic knowledge of. We’ll also leave time for any questions the students may have, as these classes are for you! The course is geared towards beginners, but some common users may learn a few things as well.

Bringing your own laptops (with login/passwords, and charger) is encouraged, so you may get comfortable using the equipment you use most often. We will provide PC’s if needed.