Beginner Photography

Beginner Photography

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Oct 16 - Nov 6
12:30 - 3 pm

4 classes

Do you have a fancy digital camera, but find yourself stuck in automatic mode?

This class is for true beginners who want to learn how to use all the buttons, dials, and menus on their Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, and how to compose images for artistic/aesthetic impact.

Through lectures, demonstrations and assignments, you will develop a comfort with your camera, helping you to make better images and get the most out of your digital SLR. You will learn about proper exposure, shutter speed and aperture, file resolutions, and composition. We will explore the basics of photo editing using Adobe Photoshop.

Bring your DSLR camera and owner’s manual, an SD Card, and all your questions. If you have a tripod, bring that too, it’s not required for the class, but you’ll want one on your journey into photography, and the more you use it the better.

One last thing, bring your near misses. There are obviously some types of photos you want to capture that you currently can’t, or at least not as well as you would like to. Bring photos you have taken that you wish were better, these and your questions will help drive the direction of the class.